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Memo inOncology Special Issue ASCO 2020 Lung Cancer report

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented on-site attendance at this year’s ASCO meeting (May 29th – May 31st), the global oncology community presented a large range of relevant and potentially practice-changing findings. Highlights of this report include the progress made with regard to various aberrations like ALK, MET, HER2 and RET alterations, as well as EGFR exon 20 insertions and promising drugs in this difficult-to-treat subtype. Moreover, topics including (neo)adjuvant approaches for early stage NSCLC, future perspectives of anti-angiogenic therapy and COVID-19 in the context of thoracic cancer care are covered. Furthermore, the importance of immune checkpoint inhibitors and the determination of unequivocally active combinations of immune agents are addressed. Last but not least, advances in the field of SCLC treatment are presented, valuing immunotherapy in addition to platinum-based chemotherapy, thus bearing a possible new standard-of-care treatment for first-line ES-SCLC.

As an additional feature, you will find expert video interviews with Victor Moreno and Helmut Prosch on different conference highlights on memo inOncology website.

The memo inOncology Special Issue report is produced by Springer, as a supplement of memo (the Magazine of European Medical Oncology) and sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim with an unrestricted educational grant. For more information on the memo inOncology Special Issue series, and for free access to all previous editions, visit the memo-inOncology website.