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A study conducted by the Genitourinary Cancer Group has been published in an important American journal

In August, the journal Clinical Genitourinary Cancer published the study “First-line treatment of metastatic renal cell carcinoma in the immuno-oncology era: systematic review and network meta-analysis”, authored by a group of researchers from the LACOG Genitourinary Group. According to Dr. Fernando Sabino, a clinical oncologist at the Oncology and Hematology Center at Santa Lúcia Hospital and the Hospital of the University of Brasilia, the aim of the study was to compare and classify the different regimens available for first-line treatment of metastatic kidney cancer.  

This systematic review and meta-analysis has provided some important information on which treatments are most suitable for patients with this type of tumor, as there are, to date, no studies that compare the latest approaches, e.g. combining immunological agents of different classes or combining these agents with targeted molecular therapy. 

“The established outcomes we looked at were overall survival, progression-free survival and response rates. The study concluded that the treatments using immunotherapy are superior to the standard treatment with Sunitinib, and that there is no one immunotherapy based treatment that is significantly superior to any other.”  

In Dr. Sabino’s opinion, this study has had a significant impact on patients in Latin America, because five first-line line systemic therapeutic options for metastatic clear cell renal cell carcinoma have already been approved in these countries. “Because the results of this study, we have been able to assess which is the most appropriate option in first line setting and, therefore, help the physicians in the choosing the most appropriate treatment”, he said.   This study has been so useful that other groups have produced similar meta-analyzes, citing this work as a source. “Should new treatments be approved for use in this particular scenario in Brazil or Latin America, we intend to conduct further analysis to take account of these new treatments”, he concluded.

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