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LACOG | Purpose

Cancer Research Collaboration in Latin America

Dr. Gustavo Werutsky
LACOG is an Academic Research Organisation which aims to support and develop cancer research in Latin America. In the last years we have built a professional structure, the LACOG Coordinating Office, which attends the demands of our clinical trials and intergroup studies. LACOG is a partner of Projeto CURA to promote fundraise activities and support cancer research projects that are critical to the diverse population of Latin American patients. Working together we will improve patient care in Latin America.


Gustavo Werutsky, MD, LACOG Chair
Dr. Carlos Barrios 2
Latin America has more than 600 million people and 1 million new cases of cancer every year. Clinical research is an opportunity for cancer patients, however only 4% of cancer clinical trials are open in the region. To promote and develop cancer research to our patients LACOG has built a credible platform, supported by the qualified effort and dedication of our investigators from all over Latin America.


Dr Carlos Barrios, MD, LACOG Executive Director
More than 40 performed and ongoing studies
More than 5.000 participants patients on the clinical trials
More than 30 published articles
More than 20 accomplished educational events

400 investigators


190 hospitals and research centers


16 countries

Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela

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