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An International Partnership that encourages the sharing of experience and knowledge on breast cancer

LACOG supports researchers in developing clinical studies because the group believes that partnerships between researchers and cooperative groups are essential in the search for the best treatment for cancer patients. Likewise, the partnership between cooperative groups strengthens research development. LACOG was chosen to be the South American partner of Breast International Group (BIG) Against Breast Cancer to run studies in our region.

BIG is a non-profit institution based in Belgium. It has sought to encourage breast cancer research internationally for over 20 years by encouraging cooperation between its members. BIG conducts clinical trials and research programs to find better treatment options for breast cancer. Currently, the BIG network unites over 55 groups and covers more than 50 countries in six continents. The group connects thousands of hospitals and breast cancer specialists that are focused on pioneering research into the disease.

This global collaboration makes it possible to reduce unnecessary duplication of effort and to share data. It also enables scientists to work collaboratively, regardless of the country they reside in. Through these partnerships, members are able to share their knowledge and exchange scientific information with several different researchers worldwide. Such alliance increases the chances of developing better treatment options for breast cancer patients. As a partner of BIG, LACOG helps with the sharing and exchange of information within Latin America.

BIG has encouraged oncology specialists to work in collaboration with national and international partners. Therefore, partnerships, such as BIG and LACOG, provide the necessary infrastructure and tools for the development of high-quality research.

These partnerships broaden the opportunity for the development of relevant scientific studies, publications and educational events. The common purpose of these partnerships leads to higher chances of discovering more effective treatment options for cancer patients.

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