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Cancer clinical research in Latin America and the role of the investigator

In the last decades, clinical research has established the main source of knowledge in the field of Oncology. The development of drugs that improve quality of life and patient survival through clinical research is undeniably important. However, Latin American countries play a small role in this scenario since most clinical studies are developed in European and North American centres.

For that reason, reinforcing the importance of Latin-American countries participation and promotion of clinical trials is imperative. Being more engaged in research, Latin America would not only contribute with the scientific community, but also allow patients to have access to new treatment options.

A close relationship among the investigator, the research centre and the Research Organisation is the keystone of research development in Latin America.

Since 2009, LACOG has been an important Research Organisation in Latin America which provides investigators with the necessary support throughout the whole research process. LACOG is an independent multinational cooperative group that plays a central role in the development and conduction of clinical trials and academic studies.

Additionally, LACOG works in cooperation with other international academic institutions, biotechnological and pharmaceutical centres and industries in order to promote and conduct clinical trials.

The active participation of investigators is crucial to the development and growth of research in Latin-American countries. There are highly qualified investigators in Latin America, many of which are internationally renowned. The investigator might contribute to a research by suggesting new study ideas, by working as a physician in a research centre, by working as the principal investigator, by writing articles and presenting the research results in congress and events.

Considering the value of the investigator in clinical research, LACOG encourages them to be active members of the group. With the mission to improve cancer research and cancer patient care, currently, LACOG has 400 members within 16 countries in Latin America. If you are an investigator who wants to make a difference in cancer research along with LACOG contact us by e-mail: