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The CURA Project, of which we are supporters, launched a crowdfunding campaign to support research against head and neck cancer. Join us by supporting the campaign to fund 1,000 laboratory tests and contribute to scientific research. We invite you to join together in this great challenge of raising funds to clinical cancer research community.  Access The CURA Project website and learn more!  Access The Cura Project website

"A multidisciplinary group with 40 representatives from 35 collaborative groups and medical associations developed a consensus practice recommendations for the continuity of care for patients with head and neck cancer during the pandemic, stressing the importance of not interrupting their treatment, treating patients with established protocols, encouraging distance consultations, and adopting protective measures for patients and staff." - Dr. Prof. Luiz P. Kowalski, Vice-chair LACOG Head and Neck Group and A.C. Camargo Center Oncologist Read more on The Lancet website