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LACOG 0721 – Cherry Pick

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Classifying for HER2 Dependence to De-Escalate Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Patients with HER2+ Early Breast Cancer Undergoing HER2 Double-Blockade - CHERRY-PICK TRIAL (LACOG 0721)

Type of study: Clinical

Sponsor/Lead Group: LACOG

Collaborative Group: Oncoclínicas Group

Primary objectives: To evaluate the pCR rate in participants with HER2-positive early breast cancer selected for high dependence on the HER2 pathway and treated with neoadjuvant PHESGO without chemotherapy; who demonstrate a favorable PET-CT response after the third therapy cycle.

Design: a prospective, multi-institutional, open label, phase 2 single arm trial evaluating the efficacy of a chemo-free regimen based on HER2 double blockade for participants with HER2 positive breast cancer highly dependent on HER2 signaling and further selected by PET-CT response.

Sample size: 70 patients

Principal Investigator: Sergio Daniel Simon

Countries: Brazil Identifier: NCT06068985

The study is open to patients participation in the following research sites:

Hospital de Amor de Barretos / Barretos / SP / Brazil