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LACOG 1518 – Bladder Cancer Registry

  /    /  LACOG 1518 – Bladder Cancer Registry

Clinical-pathological Characterization and Outcomes of Metastatic Urothelial Cancer in Latin America: Retrospective and Translational Multicenter Database

Type of Study: Epidemiological

Sponsor / Support: LACOG, Janssen

Primary Objectives: The LACOG 1518 study will characterize demographic and clinical-pathological profile of patients diagnosed with recurrent/ metastatic urothelial cancer in Latin America. 

Design: This is an observational retrospective cohort study of patients with recurrent/metastatic urothelial cancer diagnosed in Latin America.

Sample Size: 204 patients

Principal Investigator: Vinicius Carrera Souza

Countries LATAM: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Guatemala Identifier:NCT03942497