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  /    /  LACOG 0322 – EDUR-BRA

A Real-World Assessment of the demographic, clinical characteristics and outcomes of a Brazilian cohort of Previously Untreated Extensive Stage-Small Cell Lung Cancer receiving Durvalumab combined with Platinum-Etoposide in (ES-SCLC) in Brazil.

Type of Study: Epidemiological

Sponsor / Support: Astrazeneca, LACOG, GBOT

Primary Objectives: To describe the demographic and clinical characteristics of a real-world cohort of Brazilian Patients diagnosed with ES-SCLC treated with durvalumab-based regimens.

Design: This is a real-world, non-interventional, single-arm, multi-centre Brazilian study

Sample Size: 60 patients

Principal Investigator: Mauro Zukin

Countries LATAM: Brazil Identifier: NCT06008353

The study is open to patients participation in the following research sites:

Instituto D'or / Rio de Janeiro / RJ / Brazil

A.C. Camargo Cancer Center / São Paulo / SP / Brazil

BP - A Beneficência Portuguesa de São Paulo / São Paulo / SP / Brazil