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LACOG 2118 – ALEXANDRA/IMpassion 030

  /    /  LACOG 2118 – ALEXANDRA/IMpassion 030

A phase III, multicenter, randomized, open-label study comparing Atezolizumab (ANTI-PD-L1 ANTIBODY) in combination with adjuvant Anthracycline/Taxane-based chemotherapy versus chemotherapy alone in patients with operable triple-negative breast cancer.

Type of Study: Clinical Trial

Sponsor / Support: Breast International Group (BIG), Alliance Foundation Trials (AFT), Institut Jules Bordet/Clinical Trials Support Unit (IJB/CTSU), Frontier Science Foundation, Roche

Primary Objectives: To evaluate the efficacy of adjuvant Atezolizumab + T-AC/EC compared with T-AC/EC alone in patients with TNBC

Design: This is a randomized clinical trial for triple-negative breast cancer patients who underwent surgical treatment and assesses whether the inclusion of ATEZOLIZUMAB (immunotherapy) is likely to increase the chances of cure.

Sample Size: 2.300 patients

Principal Investigator: Gustavo Werutsky (Steering Committee – LACOG)

Countries LATAM: Brazil and Mexico