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LACOG 0615 – LATINABreast

  /    /  LACOG 0615 – LATINABreast

A study to observe patients characteristics, treatment patterns and outcomes in patients with newly diagnosed breast cancer in Latin America.

Type of Study: Epidemiological

Sponsor / Support: LACOG, Roche

Primary Objectives: To prospectively describe patients’ characteristics and breast cancer subtypes at diagnosis in Latin America; To prospectively describe treatment patterns and outcomes in HER2 positive and other breast cancer subtypes in Latin America; To build an electronic platform/database to allow collection of epidemiological data on breast cancer patients in Latin America;

Design: Prospective, multicenter, analytical, non-interventional study of secondary data use.

Sample Size: 4.500 patients

Principal Investigator: Gustavo Werutsky

Countries LATAM: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Republica Dominicana, Uruguay and Venezuela